AI as an asset

Tampere AI brings together Artificial Intelligence solution providers, experts, research, and other key stakeholders in the ecosystem. With over 5000 data and AI experts in the region, and over 70 private and public-sector partners in the ecosystem, Tampere is home to a world-class Center of Excellence in AI.

As ecosystem builders, we support the R&D activities, growth and development of our stakeholders’ operations through a range of support and advisory services in e.g. funding and R&D activities, and most importantly cross-sectional collaboration.

All aboard

Intelligent Organization – the event series

Data, analytics and artificial intelligence are delivering competitive advantages for a growing number of organizations. Investing in these capabilities is an investment in a brighter future.

Join our Intelligent Organization event series to discover new opportunities and develop your know-how in harnessing data and AI. 

Interested in unleashing the potential of AI? Developing cutting-edge AI solutions? Increasing AI adoption? R&D collaboration? Join the Tampere AI ecosystem to explore opportunities and partner with leading experts. We welcome all interested in advancing with Artificial Intelligence.

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Versatile collaboration helps create solutions outside the box.

AI for growth

Tampere AI supports raising awareness of the benefits of data, analytics and artificial intelligence. We bring together partners to support digital transformation, drive business growth, and deliver new opportunities leveraging AI.

Let’s work together to find the best solutions to grow your business with artificial intelligence.

The power of networks

Our AI ​​ecosystem builders come together to offer a range of support and advisory services. With a multitude of interesting events and need-based consulting, we help accelerate networking, growth activities and AI-based innovation readiness in our membership.

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