Acceptance of artificial intelligence (AI) applications requires that the developers of AI solutions consider end-users’ needs and concerns. This project focuses on co-creation of AI solutions and their design methods with companies utilizing applied research on human-centred technology.

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Human-Centered AI Solutions for the Smart City

Human-centered AI

The aim is to create knowledge and skills in the design and development of AI solutions that are meaningful, understandable, acceptable and ethically sustainable for their users. Targeted solution domains are chosen from the central AI application domains of the smart city, e,g, smart traffic, city’s decision making processes and sustainable development.

The project consists of six work packages, which collaborate closely with companies, other stakeholders – such as the city – and end-users. The project produces new user interface solutions for AI applications, methodological recommendations for human-centred AI design, and ethical guidelines.

As a result of the project cooperation, the target companies developing and applying AI applications gain solid knowledge of the topic, leading to increased innovation potential.

The project is a part of the AI Hub at Tampere University and it can promote the city and the region as pioneers of human-centred AI. The project also strengthens the profile of Pirkanmaa in the centre of applied AI.