Platform for artificial intelligence

The AI ​​ecosystem of Tampere is based on the AI ​Hub Tampere and KITE projects maintained by the University of Tampere in cooperation with Smart Tampere program hosted by City of Tampere and Business Tampere.

Our common goal is to strengthen Tampere region brand as an attractive center of AI know-how, help actors identify and develop AI operations,  as well as integrate businesses and create new business opportunities.

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AI Hub Tampere

Let’s make AI available for all

AI Hub Tampere is a new artificial intelligence research center hosted by Tampere University and funded by public instruments. The center organizes workshops, helpdesk sessions, experimental piloting and other support for adopting artificial intelligence in local companies. Our principle is to make AI easy to reach, affordable and all our services are free of charge, neutral and equal for all. The center is part of nationwide network of AI centers that is currently being built.

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Developing better AI solutions with human-centered focus

KITE project (Human-Centered AI Solutions for the Smart City) focuses on co-creation of AI solutions and their design methods with companies utilizing applied research on human-centred technology in Tampere region.

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Smart Tampere

Coordinating and developing Tampere AI ecosystem

Ecosystem activities are part of the Smart Tampere development. Smart Tampere programme aims to an approach where companies, research institutions, students, communities and inhabitants jointly develop globally scalable smart city solutions.

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