Tampere City Lab

Tampere City Lab is a testing and experimentation facility for Smart City and AI-powered solutions

The Lab provides a unique combination of both virtual and physical testbeds in a real-world city environment covering:

  • Tampere IoT platform: camera, sensor and lighting network, data sets, data management and analytics toolkit, application building tools, and marketplace
  • Hervanta testbed: a real-world city district dedicated to autonomous driving testing in Nordic conditions with comprehensive digital twin
  • Tyyppaamo testbed: a physical testbed with infrastructure for renewable energy production, distribution, storage and optimization, building automation control solution and data management
  • Nokia Arena testbed: world-class event venue with modern infrastructure, data platform, connection to city IoT and partner ecosystem

Tampere City Lab connects application developers to city operations and decision-makers, helps source required data, and facilitate testing arrangements. We bridge you with needed business partners in the ecosystem and provide a portfolio of services supporting co-creation, R&D and growth.

Our Testing and Experimentation Facility services include:

  • Opportunity mapping and scope definition: An agile approach to understand your development needs and connect the right testbed and assets
  • Virtual facility services: Access to Tampere IoT platform, data sets, marketplace, analytics tools and application building tools
  • Physical facility services: Installation, setup and testing support at physical testbeds in Tampere City Lab through our partner network
  • Community and engagement services: Access to the Tampere AI ecosystem, R&D partner search for AI innovators’ tailored development needs
  • AI Intellectual Property Rights consultation and patentability assessment through our partner network

Tampere City Lab is part of the EU-wide Citcom.ai initiative and network of testing and experimentation facilities that support bringing new AI innovations to market responsibly.