KITE BLOG: Citizens’ needs and concerns of AI and smart city solutions

On January 25th, 2020, the science event Tiedon valoa (Light of Knowledge) took place in Tampere Hall. Few of the KITE project researchers participated in the event and collected survey information about the needs and concerns of AI and smart city solutions. Even though the data collection is limited (focusing on a one-day science event attracting similar kinds of people), the survey reveals interesting notions of how (smart city) citizens perceive AI, and what are their real-life experiences, needs, and concerns related to AI technologies. In this blog post, we briefly report the preliminary results from the survey.

As human-centered AI strongly emphasizes the humanistic and ethical viewpoint of AI, smart city solutions cannot be developed in a void. Thus, giving a voice to the different AI stakeholders is critical.

Read the blog post by Saara Ala-Luopa the KITE project website.