KITE BLOG: How Might AI Challenge Design Practices?

With the ongoing AI hype cycle and the recent technological developments, artificial intelligence has become the bread and butter of our digital lives. On daily basis, a typical WEIRD user interacts with or is influenced by various machine learning based search engines, recommender systems, photography enhancement tools, user profiling features, and other forms of so-called narrow AI. In the ongoing commodification of AI, the role of design practice is ever more important, yet remains largely unrecognized.

This blog post reconsiders design of digital systems as a profession in the AI era. It asks how might the design of information systems, AI apps, and other digital things change with the new building blocks that AI enables. How do the ethical considerations of AI challenge the conventions in service design and interaction design? How should we be imagining, conceptualizing, and crafting AI services?

Read the blog post by Thomas Olsson on the KITE project website.