AI Hub Tampere’s Year 2020

AI Hub Tampere has had an active year despite Covid-19. Excluding Heikki Huttunen’s ‘Computer Vision‘ workshop on February 14 2020, all of the events have been virtual online workshops. While this does not provide as extensive networking opportunities, the workshops have managed to draw a number of people to watch demos and to learn about machines, and how their capabilities can be boosted with different operations.

The second workshop of the year was held in May, and it covered different presentations and demos on how to apply AI into use cases using Python. Prof. Timo Hämäläinen and his team’s workshop gave some hands-on tips on how to optimise heavy machine learning applications, what libraries and installations are required, and how they run on embedded platforms. This workshop also pointed the attendees in the direction of designing their own processes.

AI Hub Tampere’s October workshop ‘Boosting Python with RUST’ demonstrated how the programming language RUST increases memory efficiency and enables native-level performance. Henri Lunnikivi guided the attendees to accelerate and transpile Python with RUST.

November 2020’s workshop dealt with heavy machinery and industrial robotics. Reza Ghabcheloo, Mehmet Killioglu, and Andrei Ahonen’s ‘Programming Robots with ROS2 and DDS‘ drew in a record number of attendees who learned how to collect and record data and tele-operate robots.

December 2020 is not over yet, and AI Hub Tampere has one more workshop to offer. Aino Ahtinen, Roel Pieters’ and Aparajita Chowdhury’s workshop will wrap up the year with ‘Human-Robot Interaction in Industry‘. Sign up, for now is the last chance to learn about robotics UX design in 2020!

See you again in 2021!